Update on Owens & Zayn, Jericho/Vince, Royal Rumble Rumors

-- Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn are expected back with WWE next week in time for the Survivor Series go-home edition of Smackdown Live. There was some concern backstage that Vince McMahon would take a hard stance with the two for something that in the grand scheme of things wasn't even a big deal, with some comparing it to the situation in 2016 with Titus O'Neil where Vince had a major overreaction, first wanting to fire O'Neil, before announcing 90 day suspension and then finally being talked down to 60 days.

-- In response to Kenny Omega's comments online that Chris Jericho got Vince McMahon's "permission" to sign his one-match deal with NJPW, the story is that he actually didn't get or need McMahon's permission due to his free agent status but that Vince was okay with it. According to backstage sources, Vince doesn't care nearly as much about that sort of thing as he did in the past and more importantly, he also believes Jericho is a WWE lifer and will be back next year.

-- WWE sources suggest that a women's Royal Rumble has a good chance of happening, perhaps as early as next year and definitely within the next couple of years. However, when asked about a Royal Rumble featuring NXT stars to take place on Royal Rumble weekend, the source said that is very unlikely to happen.