Spoiler for This Week's Smackdown Live

-- As many have realized, WWE Raw has not yet responded to the #UnderSiege attack by Smackdown's roster led by Shane McMahon that occurred a few weeks ago. While many sites are suggesting it's because there was never a chance due to the two rosters both on tour in Europe, that isn't entirely true as the bigger reason was that WWE waiting for the return of Roman Reigns to help lead the revenge attack.

-- With Roman now cleared, this Tuesday, The Shield - Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose - will be on Smackdown to set up their match with The New Day at Survivor Series. Whether this leads to a full blown revenge attack with The Shield (and perhaps other Raw talent) remains to be seen, as Tuesday's show is the Survivor Series go-home edition with the PPV taking place next Sunday.