WWE Rumors: Jericho's Return, Heat on Bray Wyatt, Paige's Status, more

The following are unconfirmed rumors until further notice

-- No specific date for his return is known at this point, but there is some speculation that Chris Jericho could be back as early as the Raw 25th anniversary special in January which would be only a few weeks after his match with Kenny Omega.

-- There is a lot of backstage chatter that Bray Wyatt continues to be on the receiving end of significant heat from WWE officials, specifically due to his personal issues stemming from his ongoing divorce.

-- One rumor going around is that WWE officials were not happy at Paige posting a pic on Instagram with Raw women's captain Alicia Fox and her return to TV is now up in the air, though still expected to occur within the next month.

-- Not only was AJ Styles winning the WWE title a direct response to Smackdown's low rating on October 31, but one source also indicated that the decision was also a result of lower-than-expected attendance figures at Smackdown shows - both TV and house shows - while Jinder Mahal was champion.