WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy Trademark Update, Kurt Angle Wrestling, Bray Wyatt

The following notes are unconfirmed rumors

-- While WWE officials are not commenting on his situation, a lot of people backstage are convinced that Bray Wyatt continues to be in the WWE's doghouse due to his domestic issues spilling into the media and dragging the company with him.

-- Matt Hardy continues to push forward with his legal battle over the "Broken" trademarks, and it will be published for opposition in about a month. From then, anyone who opposes the trademark will have 30 days to step forward and if no one does, Matt will be free to own and use the trademark wherever he wants.

-- Some people may have noticed that on WWE TV, Hardy has noticeably toned down playing up the "broken" character and according to sources, it's because he's been asked to as Vince McMahon is still not a fan of it, likely because it never originated in WWE.

-- While Kurt Angle is pretty much cleared to wrestle for WWE moving forward, there are multiple people within the company who are privately questioning whether he should continue to wrestle given his physical condition, with one comment made to us that "the guy can barely stand up straight or turn his head like a normal person does."