Harper & Rowan Lose Their First Names; More Raw/SD at the Same Venue in 2018

-- WWE will be holding more Raw and Smackdown shows back-to-back at the same venue in 2018, according to PW Insider.

-- This is something the company tested out a bit in 2017 and while the results were mixed, there is a great cost savings both in terms of setup and travel to have events in the same city two nights in a row. On the downside, attendance on the second night (Smackdown) often isn't great, but according to sources, WWE doesn't seem too concerned with that low gates these days.

-- The Bludgeon Brothers - Luke Harper and Erick Rowan - seem to have undergo a bit of a name change. On WWE.com, the two have seemingly dropped their first names, only being listed as Harper and Rowan. This is nothing new for WWE who have dropped both first and last names from wrestlers who originally were introduced with two names.