WWE News: Dean Ambrose Has a Legitimate Elbow Injury

-- Even though it appeared to be an injury for storyline purposes on last night's Raw, Dean Ambrose is in fact dealing with a legit elbow injury, the severity of which is unknown at this time. Ambrose is reportedly going to head to Birmingham on Tuesday to have the injury evaluated after which it will likely be determined how long he will be out of action.

-- Not much is known either on how Ambrose initially suffered the injury, but he came to Raw on Monday hurt and his segment had to be re-written to account for it. The company then ran the angle where it looked like Ambrose's arm was hurt as part of the storyline and they even posted an article on their website with the following note:

Ambrose was taken to a nearby medical facility for X-rays and evaluation, and more details on his condition should be available tomorrow.