Vince McMahon Reportedly Open To Selling WWE

Source: The Wrestling Observer

New reports surfaced on Tuesday that Vince McMahon is now open to selling WWE. According to people close to Vince, his attitude changed when the WME.IMG talent agency bought the UFC for $4 billion. In addition to that, McMahon recently created "Alpha Entertainment", which is a separate entity from WWE. While Dana White is no longer the owner of the UFC, he remains the president, minority owner and the day-to-day promoter of the promotion.

As you've seen over the past year, there have been reports that WWE may be sold, but those reports and rumors were always debunked. Those rumors all happened prior to Vince McMahon launching "Alpha Entertainment." According to reports, McMahon has invested in Alpha Entertainment for the purpose of "sports, entertainment and football."

Forbes reported earlier this year that the revenue created by the UFC and WWE was pretty much the same as of last year. In 2015, WWE earned more than the UFC. With that being said, it is believed that WWE is valued at $1.5 billion, half of what the UFC was sold for. In another interesting piece of news, WWE stock hit its 2017 high on Tuesday, the highest point in almost seventeen years. The high numbers are part of a steady recovery after a big drop in March 2014 where the value of stocks were cut in half.

This news should be taken only as a rumor for now. There reportedly haven't been any offers made to WWE regarding a sale and if there were, the company hasn't made them public.

Most believe that Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, or possibly even Triple H will take over WWE once something happens to Vince. There were rumors earlier this year that Disney was going to buy WWE, but those were later denied.