Dean Ambrose Attends UFC 219 (Photo), Ric Flair Website, WWE Legend At Live Event (Photo)

- WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair will be launching his new official website,, on New Year's Day.

"Diamonds are forever! Vindicated… and ready for the New Year! WOOOO, So prepare yourself for a new and improved Ric Flair in 2018. We have taken out the trash, thrown away the garbage and brought in the gold, which is only fitting for one of the most famous and arguably the best wrestler in the history of the sport. So, if you are not on board with The Nature Boy he has a little message for you, whether you like it, learn to love it because this thing is official."

- WWE legend B. Brian Blair of The Killer Bees was backstage at the WWE live event in Tampa, Florida on Saturday evening. Pictured below is Blair at the show with Randy Orton.

- While on the sidelines from WWE due to injury, Dean Ambrose, along with Renee Young, attended the UFC 219 pay-per-view on Saturday night in Law Vegas, Nevada. Ambrose can be seen in the crowd at last night's UFC PPV behind boxing legend and longtime friend of WWE, Mike Tyson, in the following photo.