Konnan On Jinder Mahal's Heel Heat, The Rise Of Elias, WWE's 50/50 Booking

Former WCW Superstar and Mexican pro wrestling legend Konnan recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross' podcast, The Ross Report. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the heel heat Jinder Mahal has garnered since returning to WWE: "Jinder Mahal has real heat. More heat than anybody," Konnan said. "People were talking about how he wasn't used well the first time around he was in WWE and now he is up here in today's world of great work rate, you have to be in the same conversation of an AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. Some of them, they don't like his work rate so that gives him some real heat."

On Elias being one of his favorite up-and-coming WWE Superstars: "The most over guy to me on either Raw or SmackDown is Elias. That is my favorite character. I love the way he comes out and buries the crowd. I love how he sings his song and buries the crowd," Konnan said. "His delivery and timing is incredible. He is really funny to me. Obviously, they haven't put him in any good matches where he means anything. I mean, they really buried him when they did that angle with Jason Jordan and how he came out and threw vegetables at him, which was very hoaky, but I love watching Elias. He's my favorite right now."

On his issue with WWE writing these days: "Jimmy Jacobs, who used to write for Chris Jericho when he was in WWE. He is in TNA writing for them now. He was on my podcast and we had asked him how many writers they had. He said something along the lines of having 25 writers. He even said that some guys specifically do comedy; some guys specifically do promos and that they are very talented guys," Konnan said. "I asked him why the shows are so bad, then? They do such a good job in burying people than putting people over. That 50/50 booking doesn't help anybody. He was telling me how it is really hard to do 3 hours of television every week; I say why not get better writers then? If you watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, but I bet you that if you told them that their show was going to be three hours every Sunday instead of one hour it would still be a great show. I just get frustrated when WWE, who invented everything like vignette, putting people over and creating superstars, I just feel as though they don't listen to the crowd, and it's just basically because it is a party of one where you have to have Vince McMahon happy."

Check out the complete interview with Konnan from The Ross Report at PodcastOne.com.