Which WWE Wrestlers Had the Most Wins & Losses in 2017

-- Here are some interesting statistics for WWE talent from the 2017 calendar year:

    - Jinder Mahal wrestled the most matches at 185, followed by Baron Corbin at 181, AJ Styles with 179, Sami Zayn with 178 and Charlotte Flair at 173.

    - Dean Ambrose led the company with 144 wins, Shinsuke Nakamura was second with 131 wins, followed by Seth Rollins with 127, AJ Styles with 117 and Roman Reigns with 116.

    - Natalya had the most losses with 131, Nia Jax had 128, Carmella was third with 125 while Jinder Mahal at 124 and Aiden English at 123 rounded out the top five.

    - Since 2004, the most matches that any wrestler had competed in was Daniel Bryan with 232 in 2013, Sheamus with 220 in 2012 and Roman Reigns with 219 in 2015.

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