New York Post Covers Story On DDP Helping Justin Credible Get Sober

The New York Post published an article this week regarding WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) helping former WWE Superstar and ECW Original Justin Credible overcome his addiction to alcohol.

In December, Credible showed up at a Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling event where he was scheduled to take part in a pre-show autograph signing session and was contracted to cut a promo during the show, however he showed up in no condition to fulfill either obligation.

Since then, Credible has been working with DDP to get sober, a move he described as a "no-brainer" due to how things have been going in both his personal life and his professional life.

"This time it's a no brainer and it's a no choice because I can't drink," Credible said. "I need to be sober or else I will die. It's one of those situations."