WWE Rumors: Neville Still Sitting Out, Will Undertaker Wrestle Again?

-- According to reports, the situation between WWE and Neville continues to remain at a standstill. Late last year, there was speculation that Neville could possibly be back with WWE after some productive discussions, but the latest rumors suggest that he remains under contract with WWE but has no interest in returning. However, the company is not going to release him from his contract and is willing to let him sit out the remainder of his deal. It is not known when his contract expires.

-- It is pretty much assumed that the Undertaker's appearance at the Raw 25th Anniversary show will reveal intentions of whether he wants to wrestle at WrestleMania 34 in April. If there are plans in place for 'Taker to compete again, it is very likely that some sort of angle will go down to set that up. One of the rumors going around is that Undertaker could show up to announce his official retirement, but instead be interrupted or challenged by John Cena, which would then lead to a match between the two.

-- As noted before, Cena is scheduled for a huge match at the annual PPV - a match which some are saying is going to be bigger than the World title match that will feature AJ Styles.