Gabe Sapolsky Comments On Signing Creative Consultant Contract With WWE

As noted, WWN / EVOLVE Wrestling promoter Gabe Sapolsky, who dates back to the original days of ECW and Ring Of Honor (ROH), will be signing with WWE as a creative consultant to WWE and NXT.

In a WWN Alert sent out on Friday, Sapolsky spoke about his decision to sign a consultant contract with WWE and promoted the upcoming EVOLVE Wrestling events.

"I am beyond excited about what the future will bring," said Sapolsky. "I need to give my most heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me on this 24 year journey. I truly wouldn’t be here without you. I never forget that and will always work my hardest to bring you the best product possible. I want to make it clear that I am still committed to doing the same job I have always done for WWN and EVOLVE."

Sapolsky continued, “I go 100% in everything I do and will never let up. In fact, I feel that 2018 will be the will be biggest year in WWN history with the launch of the Club WWN subscription service at I can’t wait for EVOLVE this Saturday and Sunday in New York City. EVOLVE will be the place for talent to make and improve their reputations. It can be new players like Darby Allin, Austin Theory and Priscilla Kelly, who really began getting noticed in 2017.

“It can be established players like Zack Sabre Jr., who raised his game and staked his claim as being one of the best in the world with his EVOLVE Championship reign, or Keith Lee, who had a rep going into 2017 but became THE MAN in 2017 as a singles star. I am highly anticipating seeing more talent develop up and down the card in 2018. It has the making of a special year.”

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