The Top 25 WWE Matches of the Year - Number 25 (tied)

Hello again, Rajah faithful! For the past month the denizens of the Rajah Forums have been pooling their collective brainpower towards one goal: crowning the very best WWE match from the year 2017. This has not been an easy task. While 2017 didn't have many matches that you could call all time classics, it still had an incredible amount of quality to go around, (and there ought to be with 85 hours of programming a week.)

So over the next few weeks we'll be unveiling the countdown of the top 25 matches according to this venerable website, with write ups from the man who organized it, and former host of the Cewshcast, PsychoSoldier, as well as some guest write ups from other forum members.

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Now let's get to the first entry on our countdown!



RAW Women's Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley
RAW 2/13

Bayley's journey through the main roster has been an interesting, if not disappointing one. Perhaps she was brought out of NXT too soon, or maybe WWE really did just completely fuck up her booking like most of us would argue. Whatever the case, Bayley's main roster run is not something most would call good. However, throughout her murky tenure on the RAW roster, there were glimpses of the greatness that we know she is capable of. And when she captured the RAW Women's Championship from Charlotte Flair at the beginning of the year, it was one of those moments of greatness.

Let's be clear here. Bayley has much to do with how great this match was, but Charlotte is just as much a factor. I would go as far to say she is the backbone. Early on, Bayley shows that she has the ability to outwrestle Charlotte in a pure contest, but Charlotte constantly shows what you have to do to stay champion. When Bayley begins to get a leg up, Charlotte takes a vicious turn, starting off with a cruel schoolboy into the bottom turnbuckle. And throughout the match, whenever Bayley manages to find an opening, Charlotte gets even more brutal. She wrestles like the greater veteran, taking advantage of ring awareness and capitalizing on the damaged head. It hits a peak when she blasts Bayley with a boot to the head outside and practically folds her body in half with a Moonsault off the barricade. But they're not senseless, out-of-place bumps. Each spot is filled with a beautifully dramatic build, even in small moments like the necklock into the neckbreaker after Charlotte first takes firm control.

But this is the most ferocity we've seen from Bayley since Sasha beat it out of her in NXT. For every inch Charlotte pushes, Bayley gives it right back. Even from the start, she did not hesitate slapping Charlotte right back in the face when the Queen thought she could play the intimidation game. Sasha's assistance -while a precursor to a major symptom of Bayley's downfall - was excellently timed and concluded the angle they had been building with perfection. It was deserved, and the crowd exploded for it, much like they were hot for the entire match. It may have been dusted over by some of the barn-burners that captured our imaginations, but Charlotte and Bayley danced well enough to force their way into the Top 25(eh...27) Matches of the Year.

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