Backstage News on Prospects of Rey Mysterio Signing with WWE

-- As we've noted before, Rey Mysterio's appearance at the Royal Rumbe was only intended as a one-shot deal but based on his perforance and the audience response, but the door is open for him to do more with WWE. While he has commitments all over the world, Mysterio actually is not under contract to any promotion at the moment.

-- Recently, Impact Wrestling was hoping to have Mysterio on their roster to headline their April PPV show against Alberto El Patron but no deal was done before the last set of tapings so Austin Aries was brought in instead. Meanwhile, Mysterio was making in the ballpark of $1 million annually working limited dates with Lucha Underground in 2016.

-- While Mysterio is highly unlikely to want or be able to work a full-time WWE schedule, he has worked more dates than expected over the past year and has come out of it largely healthy. This makes it slightly more likely that he could come to terms on a contract with WWE.

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