Booker T Claims Corey Graves is the Reason He's Not Commentating on Raw Anymore

-- On the latest edition of his Heated Conversations podcast, Booker T spoke out on WWE's decision to remove him from the Raw commentary team and replace him with recently signed Jonathan Coachman.

-- According to Booker T, the reason is none other than Corey Graves, specifically that WWE officials thought that he was going to lose it on Graves and beat him up after the two consistently would take jabs at each other on air. He claims that officials then took him off Raw and put him back on PPV kick off shows to take a step back and cool off.

    "He's the reason that I'm not on Monday Night Raw right now. A lot of people in the company thought I was going to jump on him, I was going to do something bad to him, I was going to drag him, I was going to take him out to the woods and beat that man so bad, I was going to beat this man until he said, 'Please, please, just don't beat me any more.' That's how hot I was getting.

-- Booker than went on to threaten Graves on the podcast, saying that "I'd take him out to the woods and beat him up" and that if he saw Graves on the street, he'd do "something" to him but that he would be careful not to do it at work or at the arena. He ended up calling out Graves and challenging him to a fight at WrestleMania 34. No word on if this is a shoot or some sort of company directed work.

-- You can listen to the podcast HERE.