Hideo Itami Says "It's Over" and Then Backtracks, Nia Jax's Opponent, Mandy & Goldust?

-- After their Mixed Match Challenge loss on Tuesday, Goldust and Mandy Rose teased some sort of union moving forward. Goldust, apologetic in loss, asked Mandy to "please come back and be my leading lady" and Mandy responded that maybe it won't be a one-off and that they can continue working together.

-- After suffering a loss to Roderick Strong last night on 205 Live, Hideo Itami took to Twitter to post a short, yet cryptic, message saying "it's over." When people started assuming this meant that he is done with WWE, he backtracked and posted a follow up message 14 hours later saying "but not done yet."

-- The wrestler that Nia Jax squashed on Monday's Raw is a local Missouri independent wrestler named Savanna Stone. Stone drew praise from Jax herself and is only 17 years old and still in high school.