More Backstage Notes on the Booker T vs. Corey Graves Feud

-- As we noted a couple of days ago, the situation between Booker T exploding on Corey Graves on his podcast and Graves taking a couple of subtle jabs back at Booker on Twitter and on Raw is indeed a work.

-- According to a story by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Booker T decided to put over Graves on his way out of Raw as a way to help Graves get more heat since he plays a heel on television. There's also perhaps a bit of an ulterior motive for Booker too as the extra focus that this situation has gotten over the past few days has has given his "Heated Conversations" podcast some attention it otherwise would not get.

-- Barrasso added that if and when Booker T - whose real name is Booker Huffman - is asked about his threat of bodily harm against Graves as part of his initiative to run for Houston's mayor, he will simply say that it was all part of the business.