John Cena On Rumors Of Issues With Nikki Bella Relationship, If The Wedding Is Still On

WWE Superstar John Cena recently served as co-host of The TODAY Show and addressed the much-discussed trailer for season three of Total Bellas on E!, as well as rumors of trouble in paradise with Nikki Bella. Featured below are some of the highlights from his appearance on the show.

On the trailer for season three of Total Bellas and where his relationship with Nikki Bella currently stands: "I think in relationships you have highs and lows and that was an extreme low. You either have two choices: you either jump ship and start a new relationship or move forward and try to work through it. And we're gonna move forward and try to work through it."

On differences of opinion regarding what should be aired as part of the reality show from their personal lives: "Yes [I didn't want it shown], and that is my first instinct, but what I admire about Nicole and Brianna is they want to document their lives because they see how it helps people. A lot of the stories that they've been so open with sharing, they'll meet people on the streets and they's say, 'You know I went through something similar and you genuinely helped me with that.' So, this is a tough moment for both of us and it was really cruddy to be in that moment and have people around you. But at the same time if someone can watch it, maybe helps them in their journey, then I guess that's a good reason to capture it."

On rumors of the wedding being off and Valentine's Day coming up: "Like I said, we both have some work to do and we're genuinely trying our best to work through it. So, I'm very happy to say that it's a situation that we're working through. We haven't yet jumped ship.

"The underlying theme here, guys and gals - especially with Valentine's day coming up - don't give up. If it's something that's really genuinely that meaningful to you, you will find a way to make it work. And I am determined - through thick and thin - to find a way to make it work."