WWE MMC Results: Elias & Bayley vs. Rusev & Lana

Results by: f4wonline.com

The show opened with a concert by Bayley & Elias. They strummed their guitars as the announcers ran through their opening notes.

Screenshots showed highlights of the angle from Raw last night where Braun Strowman attacked Elias with what Michael Cole called a bass guitar. Others have called it a cello. Regardless, it is now in pieces. Selling the attack, Elias had his ribs bandaged.

After an instrumental intro, the two guitar pickers paused the music to introduced themselves to the audience.

"Hello, I am Elias." "Hello, I am Bayley."

Before they could continue, the entrance of Rusev interrupted them. Lana soon joined her husband on the stage. They wore matching gear and looked cute as a basket full of puppies. Video clips showed Rusev training Lana for the tournament by having her break wooden boards and shout "Lana is number one!"

Lana & Rusev defeated Bayley & Elias

Lana pinned Bayley for the married couple to advance in the tournament. Much like other matches in the tournament, there was plenty of gaga. The story of the match revolved around Lana's quest for victory. That would seemingly prove "Lana is the best" and "Lana is number one" -- which was shouted a lot by her and others.

The match began with Rusev leading a chant proclaiming Lana is the best and she is number one. Overconfident, Lana proceeded to beg off when Bayley started out-wrestling her on the mat. Rusev gave Lana some advice, and she hulked up. Moments later, she found herself backpedling again.

Taking a powder on the outside, she grabbed Elias' guitar. She threatened to use it as a weapon, but Rusev stopped her. Rusev then dropped the guitar on the floor, and landed with a thud. Elias was displeased. He retrieved the guitar, and strummed it. Relieved it still sounded good, he gently sit the guitar back down.

Rusev wanted a test of strength. Elias did the classic heel cheapshot acting as if he as going for the knuckle lock only to kick Rusev in the gut. Elias began to work over Rusev. Bayley taunted from the apron as she mocked the "number one" chants from earlier. Rusev made a comeback -- and Rusev crush. Despite the crushing, Elias esacped the Accolade to tag out.

Lana ran wild, leading to an X-factor for a near fall. Bayley soon fired up. Perched on the turnbuckles, Bayley went to set up a high risk move only for Lana to trip her. Bayley smacked into the top turnbuckle, and Lana covered for the pinfall.

Lana celebrated like she won gold at the Olympics. She gave a victory speech in a foreign language during a post-match interview conducted by Renee Young. In English, Rusev closed the promo by declaring that today was "Ravishing Rusev Day" in honor of his wife. And they all lived happily ever after.