WWE Reportedly Willing to Offer Rob Gronkowski a Part-Time Contract

-- WWE is reportedly open to offering Rob Gronkowski a similar type of contract that they have in place with Ronda Rousey, which would basically be a lucrative deal but on a part-time schedule.

-- Recenty Gronkowski has been hinting at retirement and his good friend Mojo Rawley further added fuel to the fire by suggesting that it's a matter of "when, not if" that Gronk joins WWE. However, he is owed $10 million next year on his Patriots contract which would be far less than he would earn in wrestling but he has also said that he's been financially responsible with his money and hasn't spent a dime of his contract, instead living off his endorsements.

-- It should be noted that the Patriots, who Gronkowski is still under contract with, are treating these rumors as a complete non-story.

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