The Lawcast - Wrestlemania 3 Is The Greatest Night In The History Of Our Sport

Welcome back to the Lawcast reverse countdown of Wrestlemanias, starting at the first one and going until we run out of time before the big dance itself. This week we're talking about Wrestlemania 3, an event that is truly legendary in every way a show possibly can be. Maybe the biggest match of all time? Check. Maybe the biggest crowd in American history? Check. Maybe the best match of all time? Check, check, check.

But while Hogan/Andre and Steamboat/Savage are the things people remember, we have just as much time for the fall of King Kong Bundy, the question of who does the best full nelson, and in attempting to answer the question: what makes a good celebrity guest?

Also, a quick Lawcast update: We ran out of storage room on Podomatic and had to move some of our archive over to Youtube so we could continue uploading new stuff. Everything past our last 20 episodes will be there from now on. You can find those old episodes here:

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