Backstage Details of WWE's Plans in Preparation for Brock Lesnar's Rumored Departure

-- WWE is internally moving ahead with the idea that Brock Lesnar is leaving the company and heading to UFC and so they are attempting to downplay this development so that if/when it does happen, it won't seem as big of a deal.

-- The plan is to create a situation where instead of feeling disappointed that one of the company's biggest stars is leaving WWE, fans will instead celebrate his departure. The way the company hopes this will happen is by portraying Brock as someone who doesn't care about the business or the fans.

-- This would not only lessen his impending departure, but at the same time, will hopefully generate a giant babyface reaction for Roman Reigns as being the wrestler to beat him and send him packing to UFC. However, when they tried doing something similar three years ago, Lesnar ended up staying and was the most popular wrestler on the roster while Reigns turned into one of the most hated.

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