Early Betting Odds for WWE WrestleMania 34

Thanks to BetWrestling for sending this in:

Oddsmakers in Europe have created betting odds for the announced Wrestlemania matches, and even a few that haven't yet been announced. According to these early projections, none of the current champions are favored.

Challenging for the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns is heavily favored at -770 to defeat Brock Lesnar. Reigns is the most favored out of anyone on the card right now. This match is still favored at -200 to main event, a huge drop from being favored at -1000 just last month.

After earning a title match at Wrestlemania by winning the Royal Rumble, Shinsuke Nakamura has chosen to challenge WWE Champion AJ Styles. Nakamura is favored -250 to best AJ. Unlike the Universal Championship match, this one isn't so predictable.

Charlotte Flair is a +400 underdog to not be champion by the end of Wrestlemania. This particular wager is setup like this to account for the possibility of a MitB cash in from Carmella. While Asuka is favored at -295 to leave Wrestlemania with the title, Carmella has odds of -150 to do the same. So even if Asuka can win the title from Flair, a successful Carmella cash in would cause those betting on Asuka to lose that particular bet, even if Asuka wins the original match.

The United States Championship match has not yet been announced, however odds are being offered on who will walk out of Wrestlemania with that title. With a rumored triple threat match between current champion Randy Orton, former champion Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal, those three names all have odds. Of these three Jinder is slightly favored at -118, while Orton has even odds of +100. Roode is the outsider in this with odds of +375.

Another match that is likely but not yet announced would be Alexa Bliss defending the Raw Women's Championship against Nia Jax. As a -500 favorite, Jax is long overdue for a championship in WWE and this match has been slowly building for a while, often being put on the back burner.

The special attraction mixed tag team match not only has odds, but also some interesting prop bets. The team of Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey are favored at -625 to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The method of finish is favored to be by submission and Rousey is favored to be the one capturing the fall at -400. Furthermore, while the gender involved with the finish is favored at -400 to be female, the male participants are favored at -625 to start the match.

These are early odds and will move and shift dramatically. Some of these are close enough to flip altogether and all matches are subject to “end of broadcast ruling”, meaning the final announced outcome by the end of the broadcast.

Wrestlemania 34 Betting Odds

Mixed Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey -625 vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon +350
Method of Finish – Submission -240, Pinfall +100, Other Method +675

Participant to Obtain Victory
Ronda Rousey -400, Kurt Angle +300, Triple H +300, Stephanie McMahon +700

Participant to Concede Defeat
Stephanie McMahon -400, Kurt Angle +300, Triple H +300, Ronda Rousey +700

Gender of Participant Obtaining Victory
Female -400 vs Male +250

Gender of Participant Starting Match
Male -625 vs Female +350

Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar(c) +400 vs Roman Reigns -770

WWE Championship
AJ Styles(c) +175 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -250

RAW Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss(c) +300 vs Nia Jax -500

Smackdown Women's Championship*
*This bet is graded on which woman will be the title holder at the end of the event
Charlotte Flair(c) +400 vs Asuka -295
Carmella to Cash in the MitB and win the Smackdown Women's Title -150

Intercontinental Championship – Triple Threat
The Miz(c) +325 vs Finn Balor -118 vs Seth Rollins +110

United States Championship*
This bet is graded on which man will be the title holder at the end of the event
Randy Orton(c) +100(evens) vs Bobby Roode +375 vs Jinder Mahal -118