WWE Rumors: Ultimate Deletion Match, Braun's Partner, Shane McMahon, Mysterio Update

-- As we first reported here a couple of days ago, according to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Michael Cole's negative comments pertaining to the "Ultimate Deletion" match were clearly a directive from Vince McMahon. The story added that the largely positive reaction to the match/segment "blew people away" inside WWE, including McMahon and the event turned into a major success within WWE offices.

-- Barrasso also said he reached out to five different people within WWE - all of whom consider themselves friends of Shane McMahon - and each of them believe he did suffer an injury, but that Shane and WWE are likely exaggerating the extent of his condition.

-- Finally, a piece in this story also suggested that multiple sources in WWE also confirmed that Vince McMahon is considering Rey Mysterio as Braun Strowman's mystery partner, where the theme would be the biggest wrestler teaming up with the smallest. Assuming Mysterio is healthy enough, the Sports Illustrated article suggests he will wrestle at WrestleMania in some capacity and if that happens, the two sides would only be agreeing to a short term deal.