The Lawcast - Wrestlemania 6 Is Hulk Hogan's Finest Hour

Welcome back to another installment of our Wrestlemania anthology! As we get closer to Wrestlemania, we're going to be releasing a bunch more of these in the next week to see how far we can get, and to get you guys properly hyped for the biggest wrestling day of the year.

Today we're talking about the GODDAMN ULTIMATE CHALLENGE. Warrior vs. Hogan. Promo vs. promo, (and yes, we absolutely had to do the promos.) But we also have Roddy Piper in blackface, another example of lazy Rick Rude, and the most heinous act in the career of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. All that and more, this week on the Lawcast!

Also, a quick Lawcast update: We ran out of storage room on Podomatic and had to move some of our archive over to Youtube so we could continue uploading new stuff. Everything past our last 20 episodes will be there from now on. You can find those old episodes here:

The Lawcast Youtube Archive