News: AAF vs. XFL, Jeff Jarrett's Hall of Fame Speech, Justin Roberts' Book on Sale

-- Bill Polian, who is going to be running the AAF - the new spring football league that starts next year and will be competition for Vince McMahon's XFL - stated that they had the idea for such a league before McMahon, but didn't want to announce it until a television deal was finalized. However, Vince reportedly found out about their idea and made the XFL announcement first so that it would seem like the AAF was copying his idea.

-- WWE has unofficially banned mentioning TNA on their programming as Vince McMahon feels that TNA is his television competition, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. However, with Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it will be "ridiculous" to not mention his TNA run, so that will be an interesting turn of events.

-- Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts sent in word that the Kindle/eBook version of his best-selling book "Best Seat in the House" will be on sale for only $0.99 today only at for the one-year anniversary of the launch. (Note: You'll likely need to visit the Amazon site of your country in order to see the sale)

-- This book is the all-access backstage pass for those who have always wondered what it would be like to work at WWE, under the infamous Vince McMahon and travel all over the world in cars, busses and planes with the biggest stars of professional wrestling. Roberts also talks about entertaining and candid moments with his real-life superhero co-workers, workplace politics, grueling travel schedules, harsh requirements of WWE talent; and the overall merciless treatment from the higher-ups whose decisions can affect nearly the entire wrestling industry