WWE Rumors: More on Lesnar/Vince Altercation, WrestleMania 35 Main Event, more

-- According to Wade Keller at PW Torch, the reason that Vince McMahon was upset at Brock Lesnar after Sunday's WrestleMania was due to his stiff elbows which busted open Roman Reigns, causing a massive amount of blood to be shown. However, some people backstage were confused at McMahon's anger because WWE cameras didn't shy away from focusing on the blood spilling out. The report also adds that Vince was also not happy that the German Announce team was not told of the table bump spot, which implies that Lesnar (and possibly Reigns) inserted that spot in themselves.

-- Related to the above story, it was noted that Lesnar apparently threw the title in Vince's direction when he was confronted backstage and according to @WrestleVotes, Shane McMahon was reportedly in the same area but it is unknown if he said or did anything in response.

-- Paul Ellering appears done with WWE now that the Authors of Pain are on Raw and the bit where the team abandoned him last night was to write him off.

-- WWE is indeed penciling in a Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte match or WrestleMania 35 and the plan is that this will be the main event, the first time a women's match will headline the biggest PPV of the year.