Bobby Lashley Reveals Why He Decided To Return To WWE

As noted, Bobby Lashley made his surprise return to WWE at the post-WrestleMania 34 episode of RAW on Monday night.

After the show, which saw Lashley take out Elias in his return segment, the former Impact Wrestling World Champion and Bellator MMA fighter revealed why he came back to WWE.

"Unfinished business," said Lashley. "Unfinished business, completely. I've taken my level of wrestling and this entire business to a whole other level and I'm ready to go out here and show this crowd what I'm about."

Lashley continued, "I'm going to be bigger and badder, and tougher than ever. There's a lot of really tough guys here in WWE at this time and I've got my sights set. It doesn't matter what I post online, I always get tags saying, 'We want to see you against so & so, we want to see you against so & so.' So now I'm here to go and find so & so. Everybody wants the big match-ups and I'm here to make them happen."

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