Backstage Details on WWE Keeping the WrestleMania Main Event Finish Tightly Guarded

-- The finish of the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match was a tightly guarded secret backstage, so much that none of the writers and many of the producers were under the assumption that Reigns was going to win. The move to have Lesnar win was a late change, but Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio said it wasn't a last minute change, implying that it was likely decided sometime during the week.

-- The referee did know how the finish would go but he was only told during the match to "count to three." In other words, the referee went into the match believing - like everyone else - that Reign was going to win, but at some point during the bout, he received clear instruction that the finish was changed and to count the three for Brock instead.

-- The reason for the switch is because it became obvious that WWE was not going to get the type of reaction from the audience that they wanted for Reigns, so now the rumor is that Lesnar will drop the title in Saudi Arabia not only to get a more positive reaction, but because WWE sees that country as an important partner and this could be a "perk" they were given.