Rumor on Smackdown Shake-Up Possibility; Bobby Lashley News

-- One of the early rumors for next week's Superstar Shake-Up is for Asuka to head over to Smackdown. The supporting evidence would be that Asuka is reportedly being advertised for Smackdown live events in June, however, it should be noted that all live events have a disclaimer that the card is subject to change. Another possibility for a move is Charlotte Flair, since she has dropped the Smackdown women's title now and would be easy to swap over to Raw, more so if Asuka is headed the other way. Please note, this is only speculation and not confirmed by any sources.

-- For those wondering, after returning to WWE last night, Bobby Lashley is done with Bellator. According to Dave Meltzer, Lashley was offered a spot as an alternate in Bellator's upcoming heavyweight tournament but turned it down and signed with WWE instead so he is with the company full-time.