Bruce Prichard Explains Story Behind WWE Pulling Andre The Giant From 1991 Royal Rumble

Former longtime WWE executive Bruce Prichard recently appeared as a guest on the Wrestling Inc Podcast and spoke about the new HBO documentary on WWE Hall Of Famer Andre The Giant.

During the interview, Prichard was asked to explain the story behind Andre The Giant being advertised and then pulled from the 1991 WWE Royal Rumble match.

"It was health issues," said Prichard. "It was the thought that we're not going to get Andre beyond this."

Prichard continued, explaining how bad Andre's health issues were at the time.

"[We thought] maybe we do one where he wins it," said Prichard. "But health issues just weren't going to allow him to be able to compete in it.

"Even bringing him out at number 30 wouldn't have been pretty."

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