Kane Officially Wins Knox County Mayoral Primary; Overwhelming Favorite to Become Mayor

-- Glenn Jacobs, better known in WWE as Kane, has officially won the Knox County Mayoral Primary and is an overwhelming favorite to become the next mayor of the county.

-- Jacobs ended election night with a narrow 17-vote lead but there were 43 provisional ballots that had yet to be evaluated. The reasons for that were the voters either not having a record of registration, failing to produce photo ID and a couple had problems with the electronic voting system and had to manually enter their votes.

-- When those votes were evaluated and tallied, Jacobs gained an extra 7 votes, while his main competition Brad Anders added one vote and the third place finisher gained four votes. There are still two more votes that could come into play if the votes produce photo ID by tonight. However, even if Anders gets those two votes, he would be unable to catch Jacobs.

-- Jacobs now moves onto the general election on August 2, where he will be a heavy favorite over Democrat Linda Haney.