More Details on Segment at GRR That Saudi General Sports Authority Apologized For

-- When the scene of Carmella and Sasha Banks played during the Greatest Royal Rumble, the local authorities moved quickly to apologize and basically throw WWE under the bus. To put this into context, the government had just days earlier shut down a health club in the country because of a video they played inside that showed a woman working out on a treadmill in normal, workout clothes.

-- There was said to be a significant pop from the males in the audience when Carmella in her one-piece bathing suit appeared but it is believed that the fans in Saudi Arabia probably had no idea who she even was as all the segments with the WWE female performers are edited off the broadcasts when they air on TV.

-- WWE did not want to respond to the issue nor make a comment in response to the Sports Authority's statement as they are being paid millions of dollars for the ten-year deal and aren't about to risk that kind of money.

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