Backstage News on WWE Officials' Thoughts on Rusev & Aiden English as a Team

-- According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, one of the main reasons that WWE is likely going to break up Rusev and Aiden English is because the tag team is not going to be pushed and definitely won't be involved in the tag team title picture. According to Dave Meltzer, if WWE had plans to push the team and/or give them the titles on Smackdown, it would have already happened.

-- While his in-ring work and even his singing get good reviews and he's helped get Rusev over, WWE officials reportedly don't like Aiden English's look so it remains to be seen what the future has in store for him. While the tag team was seen as a midcard comedic duo who are used to put other teams over, Rusev and Lana have previously had a "good main event act" together but were going nowhere by themselves and so the move - assuming it happens - would be good for them.