More on Report That Corey Graves Has Heat; Note on Rousey's Match at WrestleMania

-- Yesterday, a report was posted from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter which suggested that there not only was heat on Corey Graves for his comments regarding the Greatest Royal Rumble, but that Graves was more "replaceable" than he believed. According @WrestleVotes, a source told him that report was "laughable" and that Graves is well liked backstage by almost everyone and remains a significant part of TV.

-- An interesting note in Ronda Rousey's debut match with WWE at WrestleMania was also revealed by @WrestleVotes. According to the tweet, a lot of people were surprised why NXT referee Drake Wuertz was given the officiating role in the match instead of a regular main brand WWE ref. Wuertz reportedly went straight to Triple H to make a play for the match and ended up being given it, which surprised all the main roster officials.