Kofi Kingston Reveals Details Behind The New Day's Ring Gear

Kofi Kingston recently spoke with the folks at Sports Illustrated and commented on The New Day's ring gear and how they remain successful in WWE over a long period of time.

"You have to wear a lot of hats in WWE, even as far as your gear," said Kingston. "A lot of times people see us and ask, 'Who designs your stuff?' We did originally, and we have a designer now but we give him all the ideas we want and collaborate."

Kingston continued, "Nobody in the WWE office is doing that for us, were doing that ourselves. We're working on our promos, giving interviews, doing community service. We're year-round. You have to be entertaining and always have your finger on the pulse of pop culture. That's what has enabled New Day to be successful."

Check out the complete Kofi Kingston interview at SI.com.