Poll - Which WWE Judgment Day PPV Should The Lawcast Do Next?

What Judgment Day Should The Lawcast Do Next?

Judgment Day 2000

Judgment Day 2002

Judgment Day 2006

Judgment Day 2008
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The Lawcast is doing a Judgment Day show coming up soon, and we just couldn't damn well decide which one to do. Being the podcastocracy that we are, we decided to let you guys decide. So which one do you guys want to hear

Judgment Day 2000 has the Ironman Match between The Rock and Triple H, the first ever double tables match, and Benoit vs. Jericho. It also gives us a chance to talk about what many consider to be the best year in WWE history.

Judgment Day 2002 is all about Hulk Hogan's return, face turn, and wildly insane title run. But there's also Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in Hell in a Cell and a host of other weirdness from that year as WWE tries to sort out the brand split.

Judgment Day 2006 has the birth of King Booker and the beginnings of the sadly forgotten King Booker's Court stable with Regal and Finlay. It also has Mysterio vs. JBL, so we'll get all into Rey Mysterio's disastrous World title run.

And finally, Judgement Day 2008 has Triple H vs. Orton in a cage, Undertaker vs. Edge, and a bunch of random assorted weirdness, but the appeal there is its from a time in WWE that we have basically left untouched. It would be our most recent show to date.

Help us choose, and we'll do the rest!

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