Hulk Hogan To Wrestle Again In WWE?, Hogan Comments On If He Dislikes Any Wrestlers

As noted, TMZ Sports has reported that WWE and Hulk Hogan are close to a deal to bring "The Hulkster" back to WWE in the near future.

Coming off of that news, Hogan appeared as a guest on The Howard Eskin Show on CBS Radio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over the weekend. During the show, Hogan was asked if there are any wrestlers he hasn't liked over the years. According to "The Hulkster," he got along with everybody.

"No, there's nobody that I dislike, I don't hate anybody," Hogan said. "I know over the years I've had a couple of wrestlers get in the news or tell people how much they dislike me or what a cancer I was but I never had those feelings the other way towards any other wrestlers. I've never had a problem with anybody. Most of the guys I wrestled are really good people."

The host of the show may have revealed some news after the interview, as he claimed to be aware of news that not only is Hogan coming back to WWE, but he will be wrestling another match for the company.

"The Hulkster, he really is a good guy and we didn't talk about it, because it's not done yet but it's all but done, he's coming back to the WWE and from what I understand, and again, we didn't talk about it, he's going to wrestle again at an event," Eskin said. "[Hogan is] coming back to WWE. It's not done yet but it is all but done. The Hulkster will be back!"

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