Backstage News on Why Chris Jericho Was Likely Taken Out of Casket Match vs. Undertaker

-- There are more details involving WWE's multiple changes with the Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble last month. As we saw, the match was originally scheduled as Rusev vs. Undertaker, before changing to Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker, until Rusev was ultimately added back to the match.

-- Jericho, as a courtesy to Vince McMahon because he wants to keep a good relationship with WWE, told the company that he was going to Fukuoka to shoot another angle with New Japan to set up his match at the Dominion show. Just hours after telling Vince of his plans, he was told that the Prince of Saudi Arabia asked for Rusev in the match instead of him so they were going to take him out and go with the originally planned match.

-- Given that the Prince had requested a lot of stars from years back (Undertaker, Yokozuna, Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan), this seems hard to believe that he would have asked for Rusev and moreso on the exact day that Jericho told Vince his New Japan plans. Ultimately, all this suggests that Vince was likely not thrilled that Jericho was continuing a relationship with New Japan, even though he is a free agent and can do whatever he wants.

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