Videos: Nikki Bella Reacts To Cena's "Today Show" Comments: "Wow, I'm Speechless"

As noted, John Cena spoke about the Nikki Bella breakup during his appearance as co-host of The Today Show on NBC on Monday morning. During his appearance on the morning talk program, the longtime WWE veteran claimed he was still in love with Nikki, and that he still wanted to marry her and have a family with her.

Nikki, who attended the NBC Upfronts along with her twin sister Brie Bella on Monday, was interviewed and seemed surprised to hear the comments when a reporter read them to her.

"Wow," said a legitimately surprised-looking Nikki Bella. "Well, I'm speechless."

Nikki proceeded to laugh nervously before continuing, "Um, yeah. That's crazy. Yeah."

Nikki and Brie also spoke about the upcoming season of Total Bellas on E!, claiming it will be the best season of the show so far. They spoke about the season including the long-awaited WWE comeback of Daniel Bryan, as well as the wedding planning and eventual issues between Nikki and Cena.

"I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to go find me and work on me," said Nikki of her breakup with Cena. "I just want John and I both to live happily ever after, whether it's together or separate."

Nikki continued, "I just don't want us to go down the road in life and have regrets. ... So I think it's OK in relationships to take that moment. The day I say my vows I want to say them once and I want to fully mean them. That's what made me hesitant, if I'm ready to say these vows."

The recent Dancing With The Stars contestant then went on to talk about living in the guest bedroom at Brie and Daniel Bryan's house, as well as more comments about her current situation with Cena.

"There are some of us we hope in the end it can work out and I just think the most important part is, you want to make sure you live the rest of your life happy," said Nikki. "You don't want people to force things or have to change themselves so much.

"So those are the things we're just stepping away and seeing what we both really want out of life and when we come back together we will make us happy for the rest of our lives," said Nikki. "We both don't want to live in regret, so we're being very mature, which is great. So we'll see."

Check out the interviews with Nikki and Brie Bella from the NBC Upfronts in Manhattan, New York on Monday above and below.