Video: Brie Bella Gets Real With Nikki Bella About John Cena Relationship Issues

Total Bellas returns to E! this Sunday, and apparently the show is coming back with a bang.

WWE and E! released the above trailer for the new season of the popular reality series, which features footage of Brie Bella confronting Nikki Bella about "walking on eggshells" with John Cena about their wedding, which as we now know has been cancelled.

In the clip, Brie gets real with her twin sister, explaining how she sees things in terms of Nikki's relationship with Cena.

"Sometimes you tip-toe around John to not make him angry and I think that's bullsh*t," said Brie in the clip, which you can check out above. "I tell [Daniel] Bryan exactly how I feel all the time. I don't hold back, ever."

Brie continued, "You have made a lot of sacrifices, [and] it's about time John starts making some. He's freakin' lucky that he's marrying you, and it bothers me that you're going to sacrifice all of it just because you're grateful that John proposed to you."

Total Bellas season three premieres on E! this Sunday, May 20th.