Ronda Rousey Talks About Plans To Have A Baby Soon, Nia Jax Match At WWE MITB PPV

TMZ Sports caught up with "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey while in New York this week, and apparently the WWE Superstar has "baby fever."

Rousey spoke with TMZ about her upcoming match against Nia Jax for the RAW Women's Championship at the WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view on Sunday, June 17th at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

"I'm over the moon about it," said Rousey. "I really wasn't expecting it, especially this soon. I've only had one match. I guess it's a good strategy on Nia's part, to try and get me early before I get a lot of experience but I think it's going to backfire on her. I think everyone who's watching Money In the Bank will be greatly entertained, regardless."

The subject of having a baby came up as well, as Rousey, who has been married to UFC Heavyweight contender Travis "Hapa" Browne for over a year, is apparently looking at starting a family.

"Soon, someday soon," said Rousey of plans to have a baby with Browne.

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