Sawyer Fulton Talks NXT Faction That Never Happened, Getting Help From Eric Young

Former NXT Superstar Sawyer Fulton recently spoke with Pro Wrestling Post for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his initial meeting with WWE Hall Of Famer and WWE talent scout Gerald Brisco: "I met Gerry Brisco in my senior year, at the national tournament. He was there completely by fluke. I think his flight had been canceled or delayed, and he actually drove down to the tournament. The way our national tournament works is, if you make it to the second day, you are automatically going to get into an all-American spot which was top 8 in the country. That year, I had already placed, and I had placed fourth the year before. I wanted to win that was my goal. I wanted to win a national championship. When I fell short, I took that out on each and every single person in my way, and that was what happened until the last day. I was going to be a champion no matter what. So, I started slamming people and throwing people around, and trying to make guys tap out and trying to get myself disqualified, which isn’t the way handle it, which wasn’t very smart looking back I think it was stupid. But all he (Gerry) saw was a gigantic bleached-blond kid throwing people around."

On a faction that didn't ever happen but could have in NXT: "Actually, Angelo Dawkins and I were roommates for almost three years, maybe two and a half years. A lot of the stuff we did in the ring and character wise never really got to be explored, which stemmed from stuff we were doing messing around, talking one-on-one. I think when we started tagging and started getting that moving, it was our group that we were trying out, led by Chad Gable. That would be myself, Dawkins, Jason Jordan and Tucker Knight, who is part of Heavy Machinery. I think that is where we started our tagging."

On the help he received from Eric Young: "I think Eric helped take us to new levels. I think there is a certain amount that we wanted to do as a team between Wolfe and I but we didn’t really feel like our ideas were going to be taken seriously and listened to. Eric was very good at taking what we wanted and what we felt and then bringing them to the writers and to Hunter as his own idea, and he really fought for the things that he wanted and we believed in. A lot of Sanity was him having a big part, and he really steered us in a great direction, but he didn’t have to go as far out of his way to make things as comfortable for Wolfe and I as he did. He was instrumental, there’s no downplaying how much he has meant to my career especially in the last two years of me being there, and even after I got hurt."

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