FOX Made Pitch for WWE Raw; Reason NBCUniversal Was Desperate to Keep Raw

-- Before securing rights for Smackdown, FOX was also in the hunt to acquire rights for WWE Raw and it is believed that the offer for it was in the range of $240 million to $270 million. However, NBCUniversal's USA Network will end up keeping that as they have the right to match any offer as stipulated in its contract with WWE.

-- With Raw an extremely critical show on USA Network, they simply could not afford to lose the show but declined to match the Smackdown offer. Estimated figures suggest that if Raw left the USA Network, its average overall rating would fall by approximately 21% - a gigantic number for one show - this would explain why the company was ready to match any offer for Raw, especially to rival FOX. Losing Smackdown still will have an impact on USA, but not nearly as much as if they lost Raw.