Former WWE Superstar Lands Role In Blockbuster Sequel "Deadpool 2"

Former WWE Superstar Kurrgan (Robert Maillet) of "The Oddities" and other factions, has landed a role in the upcoming blockbuster sequel Deadpool 2. Maillet will play "Sluggo," a mutant mercenary.

The former WWE Superstar spoke about landing the role in a recent interview with Information Morning Moncton.

"This was a great opportunity," Maillet. "It was crazy for me ... I knew Deadpool, the first one, was a huge film, a huge hit, and the second one was the most anticipated film of the year."

Maillet continued, "Plus it's a Marvel film as well. ... It was like a glorified Halloween party. For me the thrill is working with [Ryan Reynolds] ... watching him work, being in character, pitching out lines in each take. It's a huge honor."