News on Future Superstar Shakeup, Big Matches on TV & Smackdown Being WWE's Top Show

-- With FOX available in more homes than the USA Network, this will likely lead to Smackdown being watched by more people weekly than Raw though the numbers could be close as Friday nights are a tough night to draw viewers.

-- In any case, when the next Superstar Shakeup occurs, the expectation is that there will be significant moves to get some big names onto the Smackdown brand. There have also been some reports that WWE could actually end the brand split if both NBCUniversal/USA and FOX demand access to all the talent each week.

-- In a follow-up to a previous note which we first reported about WWE investing more in TV and having the big matches there, expect this to continue beyond 2019 as TV will be the leading revenue stream, reaching the most viewers whereas the WWE Network will become more of a supplementary source of programming and income.