Io Shirai is Not Friends With Asuka; More On Her Coming to WWE

-- The main reason Io Shirai has decided to leave Stardom for WWE is simply because WWE is the place to be and she likely wants to duplicate Asuka's success. From a financial standpoint, Shirai stands to lose a lot of money has her salary in WWE will not only be less than in Stardom, but she will lose a lot of money in merchandise.

-- In Stardom, Shirai basically got to keep all the money she made on her merchandise, which was reportedly to be significant. In WWE - as with all talent - she will only get to keep a specific percentage of cut of it.

-- In an interesting bit of backstage dynamics, Io Shirai and Asuka are reportedly not friends according to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer stated that although the two wrestled in a tag team years back, they are not friends but that doesn't mean they are going to be fighting with each other backstage or anything.