News on Tag Team Battle Royal Next Week; Lack of Creative Plans for Sanity?

-- The current plan seems to be to see the B Team - Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas - winning the tag team battle royal and moving on to face Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt for the Raw tag team titles at Money in the Bank.

-- According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, it's possible that WWE doesn't know what to do with Sanity on the main roster and specifically he questions whether Vince McMahon will "see it" and give them a push. Meltzer added that they were great in NXT but it remains unclear whether Vince will like their gimmick and what potential Vince will see in them, especially Alexander Wolfe.

-- A vignette for the team aired on Smackdown in April around the Superstar Shakeup, but they have not been seen or heard from since then and the thought is that if WWE was going to push them or even had an idea for them, we would have no doubt seen it already.