Enzo Amore Reveals Controversial Lyrics To His New Rap Song

As noted, Enzo Amore released a new music video for his rap song, Phoenix,M through WorldStar Hip-Hop earlier this week.

In the music video, which you can watch above, Amore takes aim at his rape accuser, Philomena Shaheen, in graphic fashion.

Check out the complete lyrics to Enzo Amore's track "Phoenix" below.

From the ashes like a phoenix
Middle finger to the sky
Grilling my consensual penis

Lying a-- h--
Out in Phoenix
When I say this sh-t I mean it
F--k you marks that hated
This for all my fans that waited
Entertainment's hottest free agent
Gucci which
you dirty b--ch
If arrogance is bliss
so is innocence
Guilty til you proven innocent?
Type-a a-- backwards
Bullsh-t is this?
I gotta a lot less to prove than you
The only thing I put
In that pudding was proof
The proof is in the pudding b--ch
My puddin' ain't got no roofaline
Nah I ain't Bill Cosby b--ch
Nah I ain't Bill Cosby b--ch

TMZ owes me some restitution
In the midst of dissolution
Public prosecution
Over constitution
Ain't the right solution
Gender persecution
Hurts the "Me Too" movement
And our Women's revolution
Da f--k you doin?!